Arpit 2020 Grand Finale

Here is the impressive artist panel for the Grand Finale:

Rujuta Soman is an internationally acclaimed kathak artist, teacher, choreographer and the Director at RSCA. She prospered under the tutelage of late Guru Pandita Dr. Rohini Bhate for over 20 years. She has also explored the nuances of Taal and Laya under the guidance of Taalyogi Pt. Suresh Talwalkar ji. She has been honored with titles like “Nritya Alankaar” by Akhil Bharatiya Gandharva Mahavidyalaya and “Singaar Mani” by Sur Singar Samsad to name a few.

Rani Khanam, one of India’s foremost exponent of Kathak, has achieved her training from the renowned doyens of Kathak: Smt. Reba Vidyarthi and Pt. Birju Maharaj ji. A rare combination of a flawless dancer, choreographer and guru, she has earned great name for her dexterity, subtle footwork and rhythmic patterns. She has been honoured with National Integration Award 2017 and Loreal Femina Woman Award to name a few.

Deepika Varadarajan’s debut performance was at the age of 3 for the 64th Birth Anniversary celebration of Dr. M L Vasanthakumari, an ace classical singer. Deepika is a disciple of Padmabhushan awardee Sudha Ragunathan and Pandit Prasad Khaparde. She has sung in 6 languages for leading music directors She has been conferred with titles  like “Yuva Kala Bharati” by Bharat Kalachar and “Isai Chudar” by Karthik Fine Arts.

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Arpit 2020 Student Performances

Day 01

Day 02

Day 03 Session 01

Day 03 Session 02

Before the Grand Finale, it was the students of RSCA who regaled us with their performances. Determined not to let the lockdown shroud their spirits, these budding dancers spent the 8 months of the pandemic sneaking in a practice session whenever possible so they could put on the best possible performance for you. Not just that, they have worked day and night to make sure the digital experience for the audience was the same as the one you’d get in a live auditorium. RFPA gives its kudos to these passionate dancers.

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Arpit Talks

Fireside Chat With The ARPIT 2020 Team

A Sneak Peek Into The Making of ARPIT 2020 Sudipto Marijit, Director of Rithwik Foundation, takes us along to a fireside chat with the ARPIT 2020 organizing team. A hearty discussion follows, where our passionate…

Vrushali Raut’s Daughter’s Kathak Journey

Vrushali Raut, Parent of Eira Raut (ARPIT 2020 Participant) "Our children are all set to perform..." Graceful Expressions, a part of RSCA, takes me on a journey through unknown geographies of the heart. It always…

Sanika Joshi Says Arts Keep Evolving

Sanika Joshi, student at RSCA There's Opportunity in every Difficulty Art always shapes itself according to the changing times. Digital Technology has found itself a very significant place in the development of arts and now…

Isha Chhatre Takes Us Behind The Scenes

Isha Chhatre, student at RSCA "Don't use social media to impress people, use it to impact people" The year 2020 has been a tough time for all of us. However, we the students of Rujuta…

Tulsi Kulkarni On Teaching At RSCA

Tulsi Kulkarni, teacher at RSCA Teaching does not end when you just pass on certain concepts to someone... When we try to accomplish something, we try to explore, we try to question, we try to…

Prisha Thakkar Is Excited About Arpit 2020

Prisha Thakkar, a kathak dancer and student of Rujuta Soman Cultural Academy, talks about RSCA’s frontrunner Kathak concert, Arpit 2020.

Pradnya Vijayan On Being An Aprit 2020 Performer

“But, with the online learning platform; the doors to learning virtually were open!”

Richa Lowry Is A Proud ‘RSCA Parent’

During lockdown, the online classes were a blessing as Chitrakshi could not go out yet follow her routine of the kathak class.

Anila Arora Talks About Arpit 2020

Art is the highest form of hope - Anila Arora, a student and teacher at RSCA and Core Team member of ARPIT 2020 KATHAK is one of the most fortunate classical dance forms, that inspite…


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    by सुनील बाजपेई,स्पीक मैके,इटारसी,मध्य प्रदेश

    भारतीय शास्त्रीय संगीत ही एकमात्र ऐसा माध्यम है जो भारतीय युवा में संस्कार ओर अनुशासन सिखाता है, आपका मंच इसमें सफल हो,ओर समाज को नई दिशा प्रदान करे।

  • Posted October 30, 2020 3:56 pm 0Likes
    by Renuka Deshpande

    It was a wonderful experience to work with Rujuta Tai. Have restarted my dance after 12 yrs of long gap with Tai and she has given a golden chance to perform though I have performed a small piece in Dhamar but that was superb. Thank you so much tai.

  • Posted October 23, 2020 11:11 pm 0Likes
    by Himani Thakkar

    Very well written piece.. clearly explains the passion of teachers and students especially the ones who desire to master the art.. Beautiful!

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