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Our Events

Rithwik Foundation for Performing Arts hosts five regular bellwether music and dance events. Swara Prabhat is a heavenly morning extravaganza that keeps you energized throughout the day. Melange skilfully combines modern innovation with the performance arts. When you witness Swarateerth, you get to see passionate artists who’ve surrendered themselves to divine creativity. And finally Swaranubhuti honours artists who’ve dedicated themselves to the pursuit of music and dance.

Besides, RFPA also presents nine special events in partnership with our like-minded peers. It is our common goal to propagate Hindustani culture and keep it relevant in today’s times.

Apart from that, we also organize focused events to honour certain traditions and personalities.

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Academy Partnerships

Cultural Academies are a great avenue for us to create the ripple effect of propagating Indian Classical culture. We offer funding and management facilities for academies of all standings.

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Artist Partnerships

We’re also interested in working with emerging organizations and individual artists. If you are a budding artist looking to find your footing in the industry, we might be able to help you out.

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Corporate Events

We are eager to keep the pulse steady on the attention and respect for Indian Classical forms of Music and Dance. To that end, we host Corporate shows that feature PAN India participants.

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Baithaks / Music Circles

RFPA curates music festivals, baithaks and performances across India as well as internationally. Our mission is to rejuvenate interest in Indian classical music and performing arts.

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Digital Library

In the digital age where modern music is at our fingertips, we want to give our golden heritage an equal platform. So, we are in the process of digitizing our heritage music into online archives for a wide viewership.

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Ongoing Research

The foundation focuses on researching various ways of keeping our traditional forms of music and musical instruments relevant to the youth. We intend to get into a more extensive research process soon.

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