About Rithwik Foundation

Our Vision

The foundation aims at promoting performing arts by supporting upcoming talent in the field of music and dance and give them a platform to showcase their work.

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We Are On A Cultural Journey

The Milestones We Want To Reach

  • Produce shows globally featuring Indian Performing Arts
  • Curate and Manage music festivals internationally, with digital broadcasting
  • Preserve, digitise, and accord Heritage Music Archives
  • Enable Professional Management of leading music academies, pan India
  • Provide Professional Career Management of Indian Musicians and Dancers
  • Implement ‘Baithaks’ for creating music circles
  • Implement Corporate Shows
  • Raise funds for music start-ups
  • Bring about digital innovation in the field of Indian music and dance culture
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Our Founder & Director

Rithwik Foundation for Performing Arts is founded by Mr. Praveen P. Kadle in March 2019, with a vision to promote and preserve the rich heritage of our Indian Performing Arts including Classical Music and Dance and to create unique digital and physical platforms.

Mr. Kadle is a senior corporate executive having worked as a Director in the Tata Group for more than 30 years. He has been conferred with various awards and recognition by prestigious Indian and International organisations and Institutes for his contribution to the Indian Industry.

Mr. Kadle says “Indian Performing Arts like Classical Music and Dance need to be preserved as a part of our rich Indian heritage. The future Indian generations need to understand, appreciate, support and participate in this glorious culture handed over through generations. While the Central Government, State Governments as well as some of the NGOs are doing their best to protect, preserve and encourage this rich heritage, it is necessary that many more Non Profit making institutions need to come forward and contribute towards this purpose.
It was with this aim that I decided to set up the Rithwik Foundation For Performing Arts in 2019.”

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Our Team

Chetana Kadle

Chetana Praveen Kadle is the Founder Director of RFPA. She is responsible for financial planning and governance aspects of the foundation. She is a fine artist and paints portraits and landscapes in oils and acrylics. She is the co-ordinating editor of Parijna books published by Parijnan Foundation – a Charitable Trust. The books encourage children to be proud of their heritage. Chetana is keenly interested in all forms of performing arts.

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Sudipto Marjit

Sudipto serves as director in the foundation  and is responsible for crafting strategies to make the foundation future ready and position itself as the most innovative and respected music organisation with a focus of creating performers of the future as well as preserve the rich cultural tradition. In his professional career he was also responsible for curation and  promotion of Classical music and dance – in terms of setting up flagship music festivals and supporting most renowned music academies across the country. In his professional capacity, he is presently the Vice President – Human Resource, Corporate Strategy and Business Excellence of Tata AutoComp Systems and is involved in the foundation in a voluntary and non-commercial capacity.

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Rujuta Soman

Rujuta is the Founder CEO and Director of Rujuta Soman Cultural Academy(RSCA) , which is a division of the Foundation. She is an internationally acclaimed kathak dancer  and choreographer in her own capacity, her performances are known for having the unique mix of  traditional content, rich music collaborations and digital & technology integrations to make the offerings relevant specially to the youth and international audience. RSCA is considered today as the most innovative Phy-gital Dance Academy ( Digital & Physical) which has students across the globe taught in the world class Learning Management System of RFPA and its world class dance studios. Winner of multiple coveted awards, she looks as dance as a medium for transforming the society through her  “Dance for Hope” project to reach to the economically and physically challenged children.

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Bhoomija Chidambar

Bhoomija is the Head Administrator at Rithwik Foundation for Performing Arts (RFPA) since 2019. She is responsible for the maintenance of the infrastructure at RFPA centre, co-ordination/organization of music festivals, Guru in Residence classes & other events by RFPA.
Bhoomija has always been an avid enthusiast in various arts such as Bharatnatyam, the Veena and theatrical performances since a very young age. She has worked for the administrative department of the Ministry of Textiles, Govt. of India and used to be active as an educator for children.

Falguni Kulkarni
Falguni Kulkarni

Falguni is a core team member at RFPA since November 2020. She handles finance and accounting of the foundation and is involved in artiste management, planning and execution of the RFPA events. She actively participates in RFPA’s digital initiatives. She has been learning kathak for the past 10 years and now is pursuing her Masters in Dance under Smt. Rujuta Soman at Rujuta Soman Cultural Academy. She holds the license of B1 Zumba Instructor and also has completed (D.Y.ed ) in Yoga from Yoga Vidya Gurukul, Nashik.

Sanika Deodhar

Sanika is a Core Member of the foundation and is responsible for Artiste Relationship Management and Care. Since the inception of the foundation she has been involved for curation and implementation of the flagship events of the foundation. She is a senior disciple of Guru Smt.Rujuta Soman since last 18 years and a performer at national level in her own capacity and a faculty for dance since last 8 years. Additionally, she has completed her Masters In Administration (MBA) and holds Nritya Vishard degree & Pursuing MA in Dance.

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Rithwik Foundation for Performing Arts, 80, Left Bhusari Colony, Bhusari Colony Kothud, Pune, Maharashtra 411038
+91 91759 91745

Promoting Performing Arts

RFPA’s objective is to create performers of the future, restore the past heritage and to create unique digital and physical platforms. It is India’s pioneer innovative music organisation. It focuses on creating and promoting performing arts by nurturing classical artists, and working closely with stalwart Gurus and their academies. To further our cause, we host digital cultural events and online classes for students.

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