Sanika Joshi - ARPIT 2020

Sanika Joshi, student at RSCA

There’s Opportunity in every Difficulty

Art always shapes itself according to the changing times. Digital Technology has found itself a very significant place in the development of arts and now serves as a key influence that drives, shape and inspires contemporary work.

The very unexpected outbreak of the global pandemic has forced us to stay in our homes and restricted our outdoor movement. We are now forced to follow certain rules and regulations which resulted in the worldwide transition to online classes. However, even during these tough times, we the students of Rujuta Soman Cultural Academy have decided to embrace this new and unique opportunity to showcase our talents digitally. Thus we came up with the concept of “ARPIT”, an annual digital dance concert where technology meets art.

All the teachers and students including their parents have played a pivotal role in the development of the approaching concert. We experienced so many unpredictable issues, but also learnt to overcome them which left us with immense knowledge about the many small aspects involved in this unique way of working. Values like dedication, unity and passion played a crucial part in making this happen. The process of shooting and recording our practices enabled us to review, reassess and improvise straight away. Each and every member has taken honest efforts to cope with the challenges faced in this task.

I would like to thank Rujuta Tai for the constant guidance, support and motivation throughout. This has been a truly enjoyable yet knowledgeable experience.

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