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Upcoming Events

e-Yuva Swaranubhuti July 2024

Featuring Shri Jashan Bhumkar (Vocal).

Recent Events

e-Yuva Swaranubhuti June 2024

Featuring Shri Saurabh Kadgaonkar (Vocal).

e-Swaranubhuti June 2024

Featuring Pt. Narendranath Dhar.


Tabla recital by Pt. Sadanand Naimpalli.

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Watch Our Online Events

Sharada Rangamancha

Sharada Rangmanch is your doorway to online events of Indian classical artists. This is where you will find our digital shows which embody the spirit of Indian music and dance. Soon it will be THE online events portal where all lovers of Indian traditional arts will converge to watch gripping performances.

Our shows can now be enjoyed on any device. And unlike physical shows, you can re-watch them too. Keep watching this space for classical music, kathak, flute, violin and many more of your favorite Hindustani genres.

Sharada Rangamancha
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Regular Event

Flagship Events

We curate flagship events that feature wonderful performances from the maestros of the music and dance industry.

Regular Event

Partnership Events

We partner with other music and dance organisations to bring to you special events that cherish the variety of our performing arts.

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Key Associations of RFPA

Key Associations of RFPA

We have joined hands with other like-minded people and organisations. Together, we curate and produce quality classical music and dance events, support emerging artists, and maintain the enthusiasm around our artistic heritage.

Some of our key associations partner up with us for physical and online events, some assist emerging artists through our digital platform, while still  others have co-hosted global talent hunts to scout for hidden talent.

Key Associations
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