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Indomitable Spirit Of Young Performers

Swara Ankur celebrates the scholarly students of Kalashree Foundation by Vidushi Kala Ramnath and RSCA by Rujuta Soman.

It will feature the following students from Kalashree Foundation and Rujuta Soman Cultural Academy:

  • Ishita Patel (Violin)
  • Neha Damle & Isha Satwe (Kathak)
  • Aadi Kale (Vocal)

RFPA Gurus, Sarada Prasan Das, Sruti Sarathy, and Mrunmayee Phatak will also feature. Also look forward to a special performance by Vidushi Kala Ramnath herself!

RFPA and Kalashree Foundation first collaborated on the event Aarohee, which helped our student performers gain confidence and take the next step in their performing arts careers. We are passionate to continue this journey as Swara Ankur.

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Swara Ankur Performers

Ishita Patel - Swara Ankur 2021

Ishita Patel

Violin Performer at Swara Ankur 2021

Ishita is a 17-year old student learning violin from Vidushi Kala Ramnath.

She began learning violin at the age of 6, and vocal when she was 8.

She is currently a senior in high school at University Preparatory Academy.

Ishita is keen on pursuing violin in her future.

Neha Damle - Swara Ankur 2021

Neha Damle

Kathak Performer at Swara Ankur 2021

Neha is a student of second year B.A at SP College, Pune.

She has been learning Kathak for the past 9 years.

Neha has also won the first prize at the National Level Competition Bal Kala Utsav held in Delhi.

Moreover, she is also a teacher in RSCA.

Isha Satwe - Swara Ankur 2021

Isha Satwe

Kathak Performer at Swara Ankur 2021

Isha is a second year B.Com student at SP College, Pune.

She has been learning kathak since last 10 years.

Isha has participated in various classical dance competitions and won the first prize at the National level competition Bal Kala Utsav at Delhi.

She’s also a member of Central Railway’s Cultural Academy from past 3 years where she has represented Pune division at various platforms and bagged the 2nd prize in the interdivision dance competition.

Aadi Kale - Swara Ankur 2021

Aadi Kale

Vocal Performer at Swara Ankur 2021

Aadi Kale, is a 14 year old talented vocalist. He has been learning Indian classical music for the past 10 years.

He took his initial training from Smt. Anupama Chandatreya and since the past 7 years has been receiving tutelage from Vidushi Kala Ramnath ji.

Aadi likes to play tennis and participate in his school’s business club for fun.

Aadi is currently a sophomore in Adrian wilcox high school. He wishes to take up Music as his career.

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