Sammaan 2020 Graced By A Few Words from Deepika V

The clock on Sammaan is ticking. The end date for registrations being 15th of August, there are just around 15 days more to register. Artists all over have begun taking interest in this global talent hunt. Sammaan invites entries for a variety of music, instrumentals, and dance forms. Performers at the top of their game have started taking a keen note of this unique opportunity. One such performer is Deepika V, a renowned vocalist from Tamil Nadu. Rithwik Foundation is elated that Deepika came forward and spoke a few words of encouragement for Sammaan.

Before we hear about what she had to say, first let us find out a little bit about this very talented personality.

Deepika V Talks About Sammaan

About Deepika V

Deepika is a Carnatic vocalist. She is a student of the prestigious school of G.N.B, M.L.V and is a devoted tutee of Padmashri Sudha Ragunathan. Deepika completed her B.Tech. Information Technology from Easwari Engineering College. Amazingly, she also pursued a Masters in Sanskrit, from Madras University. Goes to show how versatile Deepika is.

Deepika’s journey from a benign interest in music to being a respected musician and actor is certainly awe-inspiring. It can be viewed as a metamorphosis of a curious child into a professional performer. She made great strides in singing, acting, dubbing for films and serials, modelling for commercials, and playing the piano.

Deepika In Her Own Words

The Indian classical art forms have always held a special and unique place in the world. Have you ever wondered why? Is it because of the cultural diversity of our country? Is it the richness of the arts that make them special? Or is it due to the depth in these art forms? Yes! All the above are true…but, the most important feature that is unique to our country and our art forms is the Guru-Shishya Parampara. Thousands of compositions and pieces, innumerable ragas, and unending creative expressions have been passed on from one generation to the next in a span of several hundred years. In our art culture, the treasure-trove of artistic wisdom has transcended generations simply through the oral tradition of learning, which we’ve come to identify as the Guru-Shishya system.

Isn’t that amazing? I have heard of stories from my Guru that back in those days, a student would have to travel several miles to listen to a live performance. To get access to a recording of a piece of music was even harder. The toughest of them all was to go in search of a Guru, find the right one and get accepted as a disciple. As listeners and students of music, how lucky are we today, to be able to access a world of music and dance with just a click of a button! We have so much information stored on digital platforms that a single life time is simply not enough to grasp them all.

If you are wondering whether learning from such recordings and materials online is sufficient to shape yourself into a good practitioner of arts, the answer is a big no.

No amount of technological advancement or ease of access to information can ever be a substitute to a Guru. But there can be a handshake between our tradition and technology…and that is the gap that Rithwik Foundation for Performing Arts and Shankar Mahadevan Academy are jointly filling in. The maestros that we are fortunate to listen to and witness now, are bridges that connect the dozens of the past with us. To be able to learn from them is nothing but tapping into the treasure house that stores the learnings and experiences of several generations from the past. ‘Sammaan 2020’ is here to enable you to learn from the Maestros who carry a lifetime of experience. Isn’t it a huge blessing to have our music heard by these incredible artists and loads of music connoisseurs out there?

For all you know, a tiny little step that you take today could very well lay out the path for you to become one of the brightest stars of the future.

Share your talent with us. Send in your entries to Sammaan 2020.

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