Art Binds Us Together, Says Ruta Deo

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life” said Pablo Picasso.

In times as difficult as what we all are facing, art is something that binds all of us together, elevates us and keeps us going. And while we all were nostalgic in the lockdown and wished we could all pursue our passion in an art so close to our heart, Sammaan helps you to do that right from where you are.

If art is your heart and soul you must try to embrace it and enhance it everyday. Sammaan gives all the music and dance practitioners one such lifetime opportunity. Like they said in earlier times, it takes time to find the right guru, but when you have found the guru be assured that your life is blessed. Sammaan is one such platform available for performers globally.

With veterans from the industry making your dream of learning from them come true, it is only wise we grab this opportunity. Looking forward to seeing you at Sammaan.


About Ruta:

Ruta Deo is an actor/ theatre artist and has been practicing her art since past 6 years. She has Marathi films, ads and various plays to her credit. She’s trained in various Latin American and Indian dance forms and has been performing on stage since the age of five.

Ruta Deo Blog Image | Ruta Deo

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