“I have students between the ages of 13 and 55. I teach each class personally. teaching, to me, is something that is really precious.”

This is how passionate Talat ji is about his online ghazal classes.

In a recent article in Hindustan Times, Ghazal Maestro Talat Aziz became candid in expressing his thoughts on the pandemic and its effects on his teaching and relationship with the students.

Where being homebound caused some artists and individuals to give in to monotony, Talat ji utilized it constructively. He put all his might into helping budding musicians through his ongoing digital ghazal workshops in partnership with Rithwik Foundation for Performing Arts.

“I started teaching in may, last year. My wife, Bina, motivated me. she had been encouraging me to start imparting my knowledge for a long time. When the lockdown started, I was approached by Rithwik Foundation, which promotes fine arts. They wanted me to teach pure ghazal online,” says the singer.

Till date, Talat Aziz over 52 students across 8 batches. The classes are a mix of one-on-one sessions and group sessions.

When it comes to his students, Talat ji says, “We become like one family. I know each of my students, their vocal capabilities, temperaments and personalities.”

When asked about the limitations of the lockdown affecting his teaching, the ghazal guru replied that the digital mode of teaching actually made it easier for him to dedicate a couple of hours daily to teaching. He also expressed his gratitude to how RFPA’s online classes help him reach students globally, which wouldn’t have been possible in a physical workshop.

“It’s like they are in the class with me in person. It wouldn’t have been possible to have so many students from all over the world, including the US and Canada, if the classes weren’t happening virtually. I am busy teaching most of the week and busiest on weekends.”

Talat ji describes his mantra and philosophy with 3 Ps: Passion, Practice, and Persistence. According to him, they are essential for anyone learning music, especially the art of ghazal.

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