Opening the doors to audiences… and hope

We are very happy to have arranged an exclusive event in our auditorium at the RFPA centre in Pune. This was the first physical event we have (successfully) organized after the nation went into lockdown. To us, this marks the beginning of change. For art, artists, and music and dance organisations like us.

The event was graced with performances by the great maestro Pandit Mukul Shivputra. After being in a state of digital dependence for so long, it was truly a treat for those present to hear him in person. The artist was accompanied by Mandar Puranik on the tabla and Suyog Kundalkar on the harmonium.



Swaranuhbuti November 2021 launched on the 21st of November 2021 at our Pune centre. Patrons attended by invitation only, and outsiders were not granted entry.

The RFPA Team took meticulous care to follow all Covid-19 measures. All the people who attended had to be completely vaccinated. Moreover, we took temperature readings of everyone entering the premises. Masks were mandatory and the auditorium was filled with significantly less than half of its maximum capacity. Guests could sanitize themselves before entering and also before having snacks being served at the operational canteen at the centre.


Although we could not open our doors wide to audiences far and wide, the very fact that we could execute such an event is an indication that things are changing for performing artists. Our platform, Sharada Rangmanch has become synonymous with our digital productions but for that one evening, it became a rangmanch in the true sense of the word.

If you wanted to attend this event but couldn’t, don’t feel left out. We are aware that things aren’t back to the old normal just yet and wish we could’ve gone wider with our audience. However, there are many events available to you for free on our e-Sharada Rangmanch. Recently, we have launched the latest edition of our Yuva Swaranubhuti series, Yuva Swaranubhuti November 2021, which shines a spotlight on our emerging artists. We hope you enjoy the performances!

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