Sneha Bhonsale Feels Art Is An Inherent God’s Gift To Artists

It’s never too late… If you have it, you have it and nothing can take it away from you. I have always believed that every person is blessed with some god gift… be it art, intelligence, imagination, thinking ability, power of words etc. Talent is something that is inborn. It lives with you and dies with you… This is a fact. The only difference is that, a few people are fortunate to nurture their talent from the very beginning of their lives, few pursue it but fail to priorities it and the rest never allow themselves to acknowledge it.

My parents noticed my dancing skills when I was a toddler and they got me into the kathak training under my guru. I would call this the 1 st phase of my learning…. After pursuing it for 10 long years I moved to another city for education and started deviating from my passion for dance … I always felt something was missing in my life , I felt that void, but then very conveniently I consoled myself saying ‘it’s too late now !’

Alas! As I propelled in my life, I realised that my talent deserves a ‘second chance’ so again after so many years of deviation and deprivation, I started pursuing kathak under the able guidance of my Guru…and there began the 2 nd phase of my learning …

Now in this difficult time of pandemic I feel extremely lucky that our Guru has got us back on the learning track through the virtual medium …

Sammaan 2020‘ is one such opportunity — rather a ‘ray of hope’ — for many such talented people not only in India, but also across the world who are waiting for doors to open.

The word ‘Sammaan’ itself depicts the soul of this project, that is, to enable the deserving, talented performing artists to come forward and honor their art on the right platform.

‘Sammaan’ is a foundation of all these eminent Maestros, gurus, legends and celebrated performing artists who are ready with their arms open to welcome their next clan of ‘shagird’.

I am so delighted to share this with all such talented people out there… Seize the opportunity and give yourself a chance to groom your talent under the learning of these gurus!

Let the pandemic not stop you… let’s come online!

About Sneha:

Sneha is a life science professional paving the way in the field of health law and legal rights of performing artists. She is very connected to the arts. Sneha is a Kathak aspirant from Kalpataru arts, New Delhi.

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  • Posted 07 Aug 2020 6:11 pm 0Likes
    by Anjali Nimbalkar

    Very nice…. You are fortunate to have such a great platform and you grab the opportunity to chasing your passion…. All the best . Thanx to rithwikfoundation doing a great job….

  • Posted 07 Aug 2020 5:00 pm 0Likes
    by Pushpendra Chouhan

    Awesome. I don’t know about your this talent before. Really appreciated.

  • Posted 07 Aug 2020 4:14 pm 0Likes
    by Arun Pawar

    Honor of a well deserved personality

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