Sarode Festival Day 01 | Pt Basant Kabra

Pandit Basant Kabra belongs to a family of industrialists who have maintained a keen interest in Hindustani classical music. After initial training from his father, Damodarlal Kabra, Basant ji got rigorous training from Guru Maa Annapurna Devi.

Basant Kabra’s performances reflect his guru’s approach to music and the traditions established by the sarode stalwarts of the Maihar-Senia gharana. The traditions are steeped in the dhrupad-gayaki style.

Pt. Kabra delivers this style in exaltation, particularly in his alaaps. He also exploits the power of the sarode with his expertise in building up the cresendo in the Jhala.

The distinguishing feature of Basant Kabra ji’s performances is his large repertoire of bols and jhalas.

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