Pia says, “There are no words to express how wonderful the last 3 days of the Abhinaya workshop have been. We are so lucky to be able to learn from you, and to learn Baby Tai’s own compositions was a huge privilege, I feel so honoured to have been a part of it. The choreographies of the doha’s were unparalleled, a real gift to all dancers. It gave us so many valuable insights into her mind and choreography process. Like you said, it is not just a word-to-word choreography, but truly created the feel of the object/person/emotion being portrayed. There was such minute attention to details, the viewer can actually visualise a whole scene. Your reminiscences of Baby Tai really added to the magic. And I was just thinking, we are lucky to have Zoom recordings of your teachings, but your real memories with your Guru are more vivid and detailed than any recorded videos. You are such a patient, encouraging teacher, you always make us believe we can also do it. Your passion for dance is infectious and inspiring. And most of all, hats off to you for managing all this so well online!

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