Going Digital With Her Vocal Workshops

The adoption of the online mode of teaching has  been a major paradigm shift for students and teachers of all facets of learning. But for Deepika Varadarajan, a passionate classical vocal guru and eminent singer, conducting online vocal workshops was a very easy transition.

“As I have already been teaching a few students online even prior to the pandemic, it was not a question of adjusting at all,” says Deepika as she talks about her online vocal workshops.

Deepika’s Method of Teaching

Deepika has her own organized method of teaching, which makes it effortless for students to grasp her teachings. During virtual vocal group sessions, Deepika introduces the song and highlights key features of the composition. Then, so her students get an idea of the final song should sound like, she sings two lines in continuation. Then, she breaks down the line into couplets of words and makes each student sing it twice.

She makes learning classical vocal music seem so simple, and her workshops so fun, that the students forget they’re attending sessions online. She makes online music learning so straight-forward that her students don’t face any issues understanding the lessons.

How are virtual music sessions a boon?

“The online way of taking my classical vocal workshops has absolutely given me better flexibility with my class schedule,” says Deepika. Moreover, the number and diversity of her students have also had a positive impact. She finds more and more students are joining the online workshops just because they are now online. Also, Deepika has garnered a wider geographical diversity in her classes. Students from all corners of the world are now registering for her sessions.

“Were my vocal workshops not online, these students wouldn’t have opened up to these genres of music.” Deepika believes it is a boon for her as well, as she can now reach a larger, more eclectic group of people.

Now that the pandemic is easing up, the style of teaching will undergo changes again. However, for Deepika, the online mode of conducting vocal workshops is the most suitable for both students and their gurus.

So now we are looking forward to more of her vocal workshops with RFPA. She has already successfully conducted several workshops since the summer. If you are a passionate student of Hindustani classical music or are just dipping your toes in the water with learning vocals, these workshops are something you don’t want to miss.

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Apart from her regular online vocal workshops, Deepika V has also appeared on our digital event platform in our Swarateerth event series. If you are a fan of classical music, it is an event you do not want to miss! Deepika V continues to collaborate with RFPA through her teaching sessions and event performances. To stay up to date with her latest activities and performances, follow Deepika on her Instagram account and her Facebook page.

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