Acclimatizing to online violin teaching

Sarada Das, who has been conducting online violin workshops with RFPA reflects on the online mode of teaching the basics of violin. A violinist already used to teaching students online, Sarada feels shifting to the digital medium for conducting his violin workshops wasn’t that much of an adjustment. Since students from all corners of the world were joining the classes, it was just a matter of arriving at a convenient time slot for all students, and then Sarada was good to go!

Dedication to teaching

Teaching to a group of students barriered with a screen did not faze Sarada at all. Impassioned to teach violin to those excited to learn was enough of a drive. Over time, Sarada has perfected his online teaching methods to ensure no student misses out on his violin lessons. For every new violin lesson, Sarada takes the students back to the previous one and ensures they have retained their learning. If there are any corrections in the students’ understanding or learning, he makes it right at the onset, so that mistakes are not carried forward. Then, he proceeds to impart the violin lessons planned for the day.

“I individually observe each student’s retention of the previous lessons, to understanding their practice, hand movements, and grasping capacity.”

The way forward

Sarada’s online violin workshops have attracted only praise and happiness from his students. The violin learners have found greater flexibility in the online method of teaching. Moreover, students from more geographically diverse locations have joined his workshops, exposing both him as a guru and his students to temperaments and inclinations of an exciting mix of violin students.

Except for the slight disadvantage of not seeing the very minute errors in the nuances of hand movements, Sarada believes the online method of teaching violin is the most comfortable. Students agree as well, and so Sarada is more than happy to continue online violin lessons.

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Apart from his online violin workshops, Sarada Das has also appeared on our digital event platform during our Swara Ankur event. He also teaches violin under the revered Kala Ramnath’s online violin classes. To stay up to date with his latest activities and performances, connect with him on Facebook.

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