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This is a collaboration like never before. An astounding line-up of artists, each a master of their art form. An extravaganza of vocals, kathak, and instruments! Also introducing R 4 dot 5, a novel kathak rhythm pattern of 4 and a half mantra. We're ready to enchant your Saturday evening with a grand confluence of not one, not two, but 7 talented artists. Inviting you to Melange Monsoon Magic, the fruit of our dedication to promoting performing arts. An event that was produced by adhering to strict health policies, Melange will transport you to a world of vocals, instruments and kathak. Peformers: Shakir Khan, Rujuta Soman, Savani Talwalkar, Raghunandan Panshikar. Genre: Sitar, Kathak, Vocal, Confluence, Fusion. Event Launch: 2021-07-31.

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