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Melange Poster (Post-Premier)

The digital broadcast of Mélange 2023

Mélange is a varied blend of remarkable music and dance talent. It is an exciting opportunity for talented artists to make their mark in the world through the expression of their unique gifts and it is an inspiring journey for audiences who can encounter new forms of art.

Every performance of Mélange is a magical experience, where the artists pour out their hearts and souls into the performance and the audience is taken on a journey of discovery.


  • Shri Pravin Godkhindi (Bansuri), accompanied by Shri Satyajit Talwalkar (Tabla)
  • Shri Anand Bhate, accompanied by Shri Bharat Kama (Tabla), Shri Mauli Takalkar (Taal), and Shri Suyog Kundalkar (Harmonium)

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A Duet of Musical Brilliance

On the radiant evening of August 12th, 2023, the Rithwik Foundation for Performing Arts Centre in Kothrud, Pune, turned into a haven of harmonious resonance.

The stage was adorned with the promise of enchantment, as two luminaries in the realm of Indian classical music graced the Centre for a truly magical event – Mélange.

This splendid occasion witnessed the enthralling performances of two maestros, Pt. Pravin Godkhindi and Pt. Anand Bhate, whose mesmerizing recitals left an indelible mark on the hearts of the fortunate attendees.

Pandit Pravin Godkhindi at Melange 2023 | Melange 2023Pt. Pravin Godkhindi’s Flute: A Sonic Odyssey

The clock struck 5pm, and the atmosphere buzzed with anticipation as Pt. Pravin Godkhindi took the stage with his beloved flute. Renowned worldwide for his unparalleled mastery over the instrument, Pt. Godkhindi’s performance was a symphony of melodies that transcended the boundaries of time and space. The auditorium resonated with the resonant tones of his flute, as he effortlessly maneuvered through the intricate tapestry of raagas.

In the spotlight were the mesmerizing raagas, each unveiling a unique facet of Pt. Godkhindi’s virtuosity. Raaga Marwa, with its vilambit ektaal and drut teental renditions, painted a serene twilight landscape, while Raaga Latangi added a vivid palette of emotions through its bandish in teental. The flute’s melodies, like whispers from the cosmos, wove a spellbinding narrative, ultimately culminating in a standing ovation from the captivated audience.

Shri Anand Bhate at Melange 2023 | Melange 2023Anand Gandharva-Anand Bhate’s Vocal Elegance: A Harmonic Tale

As the sun dipped below the horizon, the stage transformed once more, this time for Pt. Anand Bhate’s vocal performance. A celebrated vocalist whose name resonates deeply within the corridors of Indian classical music, Pt. Anand Bhate’s voice encapsulated the very soul of his artistry.

Taking the stage at 7pm, Pt. Bhate embarked on a journey through the intricacies of a that left the audience spellbound. Raaga Puriya-Kalyan unfolded its magic with a Khayal in vilambit ektaal, while the Bandish in teental danced like dappled sunlight. Raaga Kalashri followed suit with its own enchanting bandish, engaging the audience in a rich, melodious conversation.

Natyageet, a realm where emotion transcends vocal notes, was brought to life through Pt. Bhate’s renditions. ‘Ram Rangi Rangale’ from the play Sant Tulsidas and ‘Radhadhar Madhumilind’ from the play Sangeet Saubhadra took the listeners on theatrical journeys of devotion and love. The crescendo came with the poignant notes of the Bhairavi bhajan ‘Jo Bhaje Hariko Sada’ by Swami Brahmanand, a composition that resonated with spiritual depth.

Looking back fondly on the applause of the live premier

Mélange at the Rithwik Foundation for Performing Arts Centre was not just a series of performances; it was a symphony of souls, an ode to the transformative power of music. Pt. Pravin Godkhindi’s flute and Pt. Anand Bhate’s vocals intertwined like a seamless narrative, leaving the audience awestruck and rejuvenated.

The standing ovations were not just acknowledgments of virtuosity; they were expressions of gratitude for the artists’ ability to transport listeners beyond the realm of the mundane. The concert was a testament to the enduring beauty of Indian classical music and a reminder that, in the embrace of melody, humanity finds its truest expression.

As the echoes of Mélange faded into the night, the hearts of the attendees were left with a symphony of memories – a harmonious blend of Pt. Godkhindi’s flute and Pt. Anand Bhate’s vocals – a testament to the profound impact that music, when wielded by maestros, can have on the human spirit.

And now, we are bringing the show back to you digitally.

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Featured Artists

Pravin Godkhindi

Born in a family of musician, music is a divine blessing for Shri Pravin Godkhindi. PravinJi started toying with a small Bansuri at the age of three and since then it has been his best companion.

He gave his first concert at the age of 6 and held the audience spellbound.

His father taught him Bansuri in the Kirana Gharana style. But PravinJi added the Gatkaari or the Tantrakaari style by his own efforts and succeeded in it. He is adept in both styles.

Sonorous blowing, his control over the breath, elaborations of Raga with its aesthetic appeal, extraordinary and skillful rendition of Layakaari are but a few salient features of his flute recital.

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Anand Bhate

Shri Anand Bhate was born in Pune, India in 1971, in a family active in classical music. He inherited the singing tradition from his great-grandfather Bhate Buva. By the age of 10, he had started systematic training in classical singing from Chandrashekhar Deshpande, after which he trained under Yashwantbua Marathe and Bhimsen Joshi.

His first public appearance was as a child in 1981, when he performed Balgandharva’s gayaki on All India Radio, Doordarshan and had a tour in the USA.

Over the years, he has performed all over India and abroad in many prestigious music festivals. Bhate won the National Film Award for Best Male Playback Singer for the 2011 Marathi movie on the life of the Marathi stage actor/singer Balgandharva. He was honoured with the title “Anand Gandharva” in 1981 at the age of 10.

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