Mahalakshmi says, “I feel very privileged to be a part of this class. Sir ensures we enjoy the process of learning as much as we gain knowledge. Even though I don’t have much background in Hindustani music (as am Carnatic trained) he will explain in simple terms so that I can relate and grasp as much as possible. He is appreciative of small wins when we succeed. Also he has so many life experiences and memories to share that makes the journey very enjoyable for all of us. Based on the students skill sets he will ensure he makes them feel comfortable. I thoroughly enjoy this class and it’s great to meet so many people across India who are coming together with Sir on this learning journey. Hopefully we can make a sincere effort that we all will carry some part of the ghazal learning legacy with us and spread happiness through the great learnings that we have from Talat Sir.
Living far away from India, music brings us together.”

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