Session 01

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Session 02

You can also watch this video on Youtube.

A 3-Session Extravagance of Music & Dance

Part 01

Session 01

Featuring: Shri Yadnesh Raikar (Violin) & Shri S. Akash (Flute) – Jugalbandi

Accompanied by:

  • Shri Aditya Kalyanpur (Tabla)
  • Shri Sukhad Munde (Pakhwaj)


Session 02

Featuring: Smt. Rujuta Soman (Kathak)

Accompanied by:

  • Shri Sameer Puntambekar (Tabla)
  • Shri Manoj Desai (Harmonium & Vocal)
  • Smt. Aboli Abhyankar Thatte (Padhant)
  • Shri Mrugendra Mohadkar (Flute)

Part 02

Session 03: Dates to be announced soon!


Pt. Mukul Shivputra (Vocal)

Accompanied by:

  • Shri Sunil Jaifalkar (Tabla)
  • Shri Dnyaneshwar Sonavane (Harmonium)
  • Pallavi Pote, Sanket Bhojane, Shraddha Sawant (Tanpura)
RFPA Petal (Dark)

Jugalbandi Tribute: Yadnesh Raikar, S. Akash, and the Melodies of Kumar Gandharva Jayanti

In a soul-stirring tribute to the legendary Pt. Kumar Gandharva Ji, a Jugalbandi performance illuminated the stage, marking the auspicious occasion of Kumar Gandharva Jayanti. This special program, held to commemorate the birth centenary year of the late maestro, resonated with the timeless melodies that have defined Indian classical music.

The Jugalbandi, a captivating musical dialogue, featured the artistry of Yadnesh Raikar(violin) and S. Akash(flute), two gifted musicians whose synergy echoed the spirit of collaboration and harmony. Accompanied by the rhythmic brilliance of Aditya Kalyanpur on Tabla and the percussive mastery of Sukhad Munde on Pakhwaj, the ensemble created a mesmerizing tapestry of sound.

The performance unfurled with Raag Bhimpalas, a raga known for its emotive depth and intricate nuances. The rendition began with soulful Aalaps, setting the tone for a journey into the heart of the raga. The Vilambit EkTaal Khayal unfolded with grace and poise, showcasing the artists’ command over rhythm and melody. As the tempo escalated, the Drut TeenTaal and Ati Drut TeenTaal – Jhala segments showcased the artists’ virtuosity and improvisational prowess.

A highlight of the Jugalbandi was the rendition of the Drut Bandish, a composition that encapsulated the essence of musical legacy. The evocative rendition “Ja Ja Re, Apne Mandirwa“, resonated with profound emotion, transporting the audience to a realm of spiritual transcendence.

The synergy between Yadnesh Raikar and S. Akash was evident throughout the performance, as they navigated the intricate pathways of Raag Bhimpalas with finesse and sensitivity. Aditya Kalyanpur’s Tabla and Sukhad Munde’s Pakhwaj added layers of rhythm and texture, enhancing the sonic landscape, and elevating the Jugalbandi to new heights.

In paying homage to Pt. Kumar Gandharva Ji through this mesmerizing Jugalbandi, the artists not only celebrated his enduring legacy but also reaffirmed the timeless relevance of Indian classical music. The evening was a testament to the power of collaboration, creativity, and devotion, capturing the essence of Kumar Gandharva Jayanti in a symphony of sound and spirit.

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A diverse array of classical Kathak pieces…

Rujuta Soman, a distinguished Kathak performer, recently graced the stage at the Kumar Gandharva Jayanti, showcasing her mastery in the art form. Guided by her revered guru, Late Guru Pt. Rohini Bhate, Rujuta presented a mesmerizing performance, featuring a diverse array of classical Kathak pieces.

The performance commenced with ‘Ganesh Vandana,’ a piece that was not only aesthetically pleasing but also a tribute to Guru Pt. Rohini Bhate, who had written, composed the music, and choreographed the piece. This spiritual invocation set the stage for a captivating journey through the intricacies of Kathak.

In the segment dedicated to ‘Taal – Teental,’ Rujuta skillfully demonstrated various elements such as uthaan, thaat, aamad and chalan emphasizing the significance of pauses in footwork. She presented the paran, a rhythmic pattern passed down from Guru Mohanrao Kalyanpurkar to her own guru, Rohini Bhate. The performance also included a showcase of Khanda-jaati tatkaar in multiples of 5 beats, followed by the intricate Kali-paran in khanda jaati. Exploring the different gatis (shapes and forms in nature), Rujuta showcased Chatushra gati (4 beats), Mishra jaati (7 beats), and Tisra jaati (3 beats), illustrating the variations in speed with grace and precision. The inclusion of three variations in be-dam tihaiyaan, devoid of pauses, further highlighted Rujuta’s technical prowess, as she seamlessly integrated the rhythmic patterns into different gatis.

Moving on to the realm of abhinay, Rujuta brought forth the enchanting ‘Gata Bhaav’ with a performance of ‘Putana-vad.‘ This poignant portrayal narrated the tale of Lord Krishna’s triumph over the demoness Putana, conveyed solely through expressions and movements, accompanied by music. This exemplified the essence of Kathak’s abhinay, where storytelling transcends verbal communication.

In a tribute to her guru’s dedication to dance, Rujuta presented ‘Anayokti,’ a type of abhinay rooted in a Sanskrit subhashita. This piece unfolded the story of a honeybee trapped in a lotus flower bud, yearning for freedom during the sunrise when the lotus would bloom. However, destiny took an unexpected turn as a group of elephants trampled over the lotus plants, crushing the bee. This poignant narrative, also the final performance of her Guru, served as Rujuta’s homage to her guru’s unwavering commitment to the art of Kathak.

Rujuta Soman’s performance at the Kumar Gandharva Jayanti not only showcased her technical brilliance but also her deep connection to the tradition of Kathak and the profound influence of her guru, Late Guru Pt. Rohini Bhate. Her artistry resonated with the audience, leaving an indelible mark on the celebration of classical dance.

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