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Brij Narayan 24th july22 scaled | e-Swaranubhuti July 2022

An Interplay of Sarode and Tabla

The July edition of our e-Swaranubhuti series features two prominent artists at the zenith of their artistry.

Enjoy magical performances by Pt. Brij Narayan on the sarode, accompanied by Shri Ojas Adhiya on the tabla.

The event is FREE for everyone to watch.

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Featured Artists

Pandit Brij Narayan - Sarode Performer at e-Swaranubhuti Juy 2022

Pandit Brij Narayan

Pandit Ji is an Indian classical musician who plays the string instrument sarod. Panditji was born in the Indian state of Rajasthan and began to study sarod from a young age under his father Pandit Ram Narayan and other teachers. He won the All India Radio instrumentalist competition in 1967.

Ojas Adhiya - tabla Performer at e-Swaranubhuti July 2022

Shri Ojas Adhiya

India’s youngest prominent Table maestro. He has performed in ‘Little Wonders’, programmes of Shri Kalyanji-Anandji’s Kalyanvir Academy for almost 500 stage shows globally and has also been associated with the world-renowned fusion band SHAKTI.

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