Classical Dance

Aditri Arumugam

Aditri says, “It was a beautiful workshop conducted very systematically. Thoroughly enjoyed a lot.
Looking forward for more such amazing workshops☺👍👍💐💐”

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Gayatri Acharya

Gayatri says, “The workshop was an wholesome approach to learning. It was blend of dance nuances, chorographic approach, talam understanding, coordination of the mind – body aspect. It is always a bliss to learn from Pavitra Anna, his understanding and dedication to teaching is par excellence. The workshop was very budget friendly & a huge thanks to Rithwik Foundation for coming up with this E-learning technique. Looking Forward eagerly to Learn many more compositions and hopefully a Full Margam in Bharatanatyam from Pavitra Anna in collaboration with your Foundation.”

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Esha Phatak

Esha says, “I am currently pursuing kathak. I attended your workshop and it was really a great experience for me. I learnt a lot of new techniques and of course Dohas they were splendid . Mam I am really influenced by your dance and I am really looking forward to attending your future workshops in person. “

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Pia Chandavarkar

Pia says, “There are no words to express how wonderful the last 3 days of the Abhinaya workshop have been. We are so lucky to be able to learn from you, and to learn Baby Tai’s own compositions was a huge privilege, I feel so honoured to have been a part of it. The choreographies of the doha’s were unparalleled, a real gift to all dancers. It gave us so many valuable insights into her mind and choreography process. Like you said, it is not just a word-to-word choreography, but truly created the feel of the object/person/emotion being portrayed. There was such minute attention to details, the viewer can actually visualise a whole scene. Your reminiscences of Baby Tai really added to the magic. And I was just thinking, we are lucky to have Zoom recordings of your teachings, but your real memories with your Guru are more vivid and detailed than any recorded videos. You are such a patient, encouraging teacher, you always make us believe we can also do it. Your passion for dance is infectious and inspiring. And most of all, hats off to you for managing all this so well online!”

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Paridhi Nareliya

Paridhi says, “It was an amazing session. I really enjoyed it. I have learned so many new things which I had don’t know and this is my first time time when I attend someone workshop , you are so pretty and your expression are so perfect ,body language, posture and the way you taught about the doha little little thing each and everything . Thank you so much for this session.”

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Leenata Bankhele

Leenata says, “It was indeed a great and wonderful opportunity for me to attend the first Abhinay workshop conducted by Rujuta Tai. Watching her Abhinay performance is truly mesmerizing and captivating. In the workshop she explains how one needs to pour life and energy to bring alive this beautiful artform. Her teachings in their own way also reminded me how one needs to see, appreciate and enjoy the beauty we already have in our lives and nature around us. Rujuta Tai is a reflection of the work of Dr. Guru Rohini Tai and does the great work of carrying forward the teachings.  Teaching her skills to students comes very naturally and effortlessly to her. It is my blessing and a privilege to be able to learn and be guided from her.”

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