Bells in Resonance November 2021

India has an ancient tradition of classical dance and music.

The stalwart Gurus who worked relentlessly in its pursuit and excellence carved a niche for themselves and contributed magnificently to its repertoire.

Bells in Resonance is a tribute to the luminaries of Indian classical dance and music.

Through this event, we make a humble attempt to offer homage to the masters.

Rithwik Foundation was proud to present yet another exclusive Bells in Resonance program in November 2022.

Featured artists of Bells in Resonance November 2022:

  • Pandit Rajendra Gangani
  • Pandit Yogesh Samsi
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Audiences mesmerized by glorious performances in the ‘Bells in Resonance’ Festival

Rithwik Foundation works consistently to imbibe a reverence for classical Hindustani performing arts in the youngsters of our nation. This year, the festival was dedicated to Padma Vibhushan recipient, senior Kathak Guru Pandit Birju Maharaj and Sangeet Ratna recipient from Sangeet Natak Akademi, Guru Pandita Rohini Bhate. The festival took place on 30th July, Saturday and 31st July, Sunday at the Rithwik Foundation for Performing Arts centre in Kothrud.

The first session started with Pandit Samsi’s solo tabla vadan. The audience heartily applauded his magnificent performance which showcased different compositions, bandishes, tode, tukde and a variety of “Na Dhin Dhin Dha” taals from Kathak. He was accompanied by Milind Kulkarni on the harmonium. Pandit Samsi expressed that his performance was a salute to Pandit Birju Maharaj and Pandita Rohini Bhate who played a crucial role in his thorough conditioning and showered upon him the rich knowledge of tabla vadan.

The concluding session was enriched by senior Kathak dancer Pandit Rajendra Gangani’s performance from Jaipur Gharana. After Natraj Vandana, he gave his performance on the composition ‘Nagendra Haraya’ set in teental. The perfection and clarity in his body language and facial expressions mesmerised the audience. On this occasion, he remembered his Gurus, Pandit Birju Maharaj and Pandita Rohini Bhate, referring to them as divine human figures. In his  own words, they had already contributed so much to the society in their lifetimes that there was no need for their reincarnation. His performance was accompanied by Yogesh Samsi and Fateh Singh Gangani (Tabla), Manoj Desai (Harmonium and Vocals), and Nasir Khan (Sarangi).

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