Arpit 2020 - Day 3 Session 2

ARPIT 2020 – Day 3, 01st November 2020, 6:30 PM (IST)

This will be the last of the student performances, before we get to the Grand Finale. We have planned a treasure-trove of performances for you.

  • Sharada Bhajan depicts the divine beauty of Sharada mata. It is a compilation of Nritya bols and Bhajan.
    Performers are-
    Ananya Mangipudi, Nitika Gadwal, Meera Mali and Paridhi Arya.
  • This Teentaal composition will showcase intricate footwork and rhythmic patterns.
    Performers are-
    Sara Jazmin Ramayo, Amruta Dharap, Prachi Apashankar.
  • In this Gati bhed, students perform ‘Chalis‘ (walk) of animals and warriors
    Performers are-
    Esha Kudalkar, Ira Dhavale, Reva Gokhale, Prajakta Kale, Hrudaya Salvi, Sonam Kamble, Saanvi Javkar and Nia Gowaikar.
  • Kahe Rokat dagar pyare, a thumri by Bindadin Maharaj ji, depicts Radha and Krishna’s playful antics.
    Performers are-
    Sara Jazmin Ramayo and Amruta Dharap.
  • Jhaptaal, a cycle of 10 beats will showcase all the technical aspects of Kathak through different Bandishes.
    Performers are-
    Tvisha Soni, Saatchi Sharma, Arya Bhosale, Arya Kadbe, Tanvi Anand, Aditi Mhaske and Anusha Patel.
  • Abhanga is a devotional song which describes and praises God. It describes god as the root of all vedas, and describes his purity.
    Performers are-
    Shreya Karandikar, Sanika Joshi, Isha Chhatre, Indraja Chhatre and Falguni Kulkarni.
  • Tulsi Kulkarni, will be gracefully performing Pralhad along with Tridevata Stuti praising the Almighty.
  • The presentation will end with a marvelous composition of the Maestro of Rhythms Taalyogi Pandit Suresh Talwalkar jiDeem Deem Dam Damru Baaje, beautifully choreographed by our Guru, Smt. Rujuta Soman.
    Performers are- Poonam Shyam and her students Anuja Bhave, Neha Arondekar, Rajlakshmi Rai and Shilpa Koppula.

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