Aprajita says, “As per the yin yang principle everything negative has something positive in it and vice versa. For me this pandemic brought about a never dreamt of possibility into my life in the form of online Ghazal classes with Shree Talat Aziz. Getting back to musical training in this way still feels surreal. Its not just the fact that he is a legend (which is of course a pinch me moment a lot of the time), his amazing patience and tremendous passion to impart this heritage to all who seek and have a desire to learn is simply overwhelming. I’m mostly challenging myself to be worthy of this knowledge and consider it my greatest good fortune to have got this opportunity . Thank you Talat Sir for your patience, time and positive energy,  the classes with you are inspirational… and I can’t thank you enough for this opportunity. Thank you so much Rithwik Foundation for making this possible, the technology and coordination are seamless and make the learning process an amazing experience.”

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