Students Of Talat Aziz Put Together A Musical 2021 Offering

“Yeh Dhuasa Kahaan Se Uthata Hai…”

So begins this beautiful composition by ghazal students learning under Talat Aziz. Translated simply, it means “From where the smoke rises…”

2020 was a considerably strenuous year. We all went into firefighting mode, basic survival our top priority.

Symbolically, this ghazal – a gift from us, as Talat ji says – signifies the many ‘fires’ that roared in the year gone by, leaving us clueless where the smoke is actually rising from. The ghazal is entrenched in hope, hope that 2021 will douse all these fires and bring a new tomorrow.

Talat Aziz and his students wish you all a Happy New Year 2021!

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