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Rithwik Foundation for Performing Arts was started under the initiative of Mr. Praveen Kadle, in order to keep alive the fading spotlight on Hindustani arts culture. We are on a mission to support artists of all statures, by giving them a much deserved platform. RFPA hosts and supports performances of dance, music and instrumentals. After the world went into quarantine, we immediately shifted our gears and went digital. Whatever obstacles came our way, we surpassed them and continued fanning the flame of the Indian arts.

It is our aim to reach the art lovers and rekindle their love for our culture. It is also our aim to touch the hearts of the youth, who may not fully grasp the depth and expanse of our heritage. This is why, we have opened up RFPA Donations. To keep making strides in our journey, we need your assistance. Consider making a donation to our budding foundation. For the love of performing arts.

The donation form will be made public soon! Till then, if you have any queries, please reach out to teamsupport@rithwikfoundation.com.

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