Regular Events of RFPA

SP19 Felicitation 03
Swara Prabhat

Make your morning melodiously magical.

Melange Latest Event Photo

Showcasing remarkable music and dance talent.

Swaranubhuti - Pt Satish Vyas 04

A fine interplay of vocals and tunes.

BG2AG Performance 37
Swara Prabhat

Make your morning melodiously magical.

Shubham Khandalkar 02
Yuva Swaranubhuti

Celebrating young performers.

Partnership Events

Swarateerth Festival 2020

Teerth, the Sanskrit word for divine offering. Our artist performances are no less.

Pratah Swar Event Photograph
Pratah Swar

A special Sunday regalia of traditional music and dance, co-hosted with Pancham Nishad.

Dinarang Smriti

A musical ode to Hindustani Raag Sangeet. In tribute to Pandit Dinkar Kaikini.

Hridayesh Festival

An ensemble performance, delivered straight from the artists’ hearts to yours.

Aamad Pratishthan

An exciting mix of group and solo concerts and instrumentals.

Smriti Utsav

Remembering the veterans: Ustad Nizamuddin Khan and Pt Krishnarao Pandit.

Arpit Event Phtoograph

Arpan means to devote. Arpit presents artists determined to devote themselves to their art.

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