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We are here to light up your Diwali with our special early morning show. This Diwali, wake up to serenading performances by Hindustani classical artists. RFPA's Diwali music festival received a staggering response. To make sure those who missed it can still experience the charm of early morning Diwali, we're keeping the event open and free! Featuring: Pandit Jayateerth Mevundi (Lead Performer – Classical Vocalist) Shreemati Rujuta Soman (Lead Performer – Classical Kathak Performer) Sunil Avachat (Accompanist – Flute) Pandurang Pawar (Accompanist – Tabla) Rohit Kulkarni (Accompanist – Keyboard) Umesh Warbhuvan (Accompanist – Cajon) Aditi Garade (Accompanist – Harmonium)

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