Online Workshops

Train In The Classical Arts Under Elite Performers

Online Workshops

Rithwik Foundation for Performing Arts is proud to announce our online workshops! We have digital workshops for classical music and dance from some of the most talented artists of the field.

We believe learning should not be constricted under restraints of the lockdown. As the saying goes, "The show must go on!" Workshops will be fully digital, subverting the need to step out of our houses.

This is an opportunity students of classical music and dance should not miss!

Enroll now and watch as your talent soars under the able guidance of top artists.

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Learning Music and Dance

Our Assortment Of Online Workshops

Our online workshops are jam-packed with frolics and learning opportunities. Our eclectic panel of workshop gurus bring to the table keen insights and the fruits of years spent in training. These online workshops are open to classical artists at all stages of their learning, from beginners to advanced.

  • Kala Ramnath – Advanced Violin
  • Rujuta Soman – Advanced Kathak (Abhinay Series)
  • Pavitra Bhat – Devaranaama Bharatnatyam Workshop
  • Deepika Varadarajan – Wedding Songs
  • Mrunmayee Phatak – Classical Music
  • Sarada Das – Flow with the Bow
  • Sruti Sarathy – Basics of Violin
  • Rujuta Soman’s Trainees – Dance Theatre for Kids
  • Savani Talwalkar – Art of Playing Tabla
  • Manjunath N S – Drumkit Essentials
  • Sujit Lohar – Art of Playing Pakhwaj
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Register Now

    *Once you register, we will respond to you via email regarding the fees for your workshops. Fees are inclusive of our payment gateway charges. The charge is 2% of the fee for students in India and 3% for students joining from abroad. If you choose to pay directly through your bank, these charges are dropped. If you wish to do so, kindly email us at or contact us at +91 98345 01387.

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